Make-up Brush Care Routine

It was about time for my makeup brushes to take a little bath! I like to wash my Real Techniques makeup brushes weekly to keep all the makeup and oils out of the brushes. This prevents any future breakouts and maintains my brushes in good shape. I will walk you step by step of what I like to use to keep my brushes clean. I start with Dr. Bronner’s all-hemp lavender soap (If you don’t like lavender there are other scents available too!) If you prefer to use liquid soap rather than a bar soap it is also available ( I love the bar of soap). I use my Real Techniques makeup brush cleaning palette to really deep clean my brushes. You can also use the same soap to wash your beauty sponges.

Step 1:

Wet the bar of soap until it lathers really well.

Step 2:

Wet your makeup brush with warm water pointing down (make sure the water does not go into the brush holder).

Step 3:

Add some soap to the makeup brush and grab your cleaning palette.

Step 4:

Begin the cleaning process in a circular motion, using all of the textures on the palette.

Step 5:

Rinse brush and if you need to repeat step 5 until your makeup brush is clean go ahead and do so. I usually do it twice and it should remove all of the makeup. You will know it is clean when the soap is white and no longer the color of your makeup.

Step 6:

Squeeze the water out of the brush with your hand or a towel to remove any excess water and place it flat on a towel to dry. (Make sure you squeeze and maintain the brush shape because it will dry that way).

Step 7:

Same for the beauty sponges, wet the sponge and rub on the soap (you will not need the cleaning palette for this step) squeeze all of the soap out until the sponge is back to it’s original color.

Voila you are done!! That’s how I like to clean my makeup brushes on a weekly basis. As you can see above, this soap works wonders and it makes my brushes look brand new again!


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