My Early Experience on Motherhood

“You know when you’ll be ready to be a parent when”… is something that is not really true, at least for me. I always envisioned myself as a parent, somewhere in the near future after my life would be perfectly planned out, detailed to every extent, even to the kind of tea we would have in the pantry. First, we would have our dream wedding, then we would move into our dream home, while having our dream job, dream cars, traveling everywhere and back. Basically live life before actually having a baby. Then I realized what fun would all of that be if we didn’t have our family to share life experiences.

I have always been around kids and I have 4 wonderful nieces and nephews that I get to share with. I’m so fortunate to have two older siblings because they have always been the ones to show me what to do and what not to do, and that’s great right?! Because everyone has a balanced life that works for them. I knew I’ve always wanted one of my own of course but when you have your nieces and nephews you have more than enough LOL. At least you can give those back when you’re done having fun. When my husband and I found out that we were expecting, a lot went through our minds. It was a roller coaster of emotions and to say the least we were more than thrilled to become parents.

I remember when I daydream about being a mom and sharing moments with my little one, but never in a million years did I imagine I would become a parent at 26 years old. I will have to say that it has been the best sleepless nights I have ever lived. To hold my little human who we named Sofia Grace in my arms, and knowing that God has blessed me with this beautiful baby is something that is so surreal. Sofia is a true blessing. I cannot express enough the joy that she’s brought in our lives. Now of course not everything is always rainbows and butterflies, but when we realize that there is no manual on parenting, you’re doing AMAZING!! Sofia is so calm, such an easy-going baby and is so loved.

Now would I say that I’ve changed a lot since becoming a mommy? Answer is no, not necessarily. I feel like I’ve remained myself with the exception that now there’s a little person that depends on me. A lot of people would always say “just wait until you have kids” or “yeah you’re that way because you have no kids” but it’s not true at all. I still feel myself, still look like the same Kristina. I wouldn’t say that I’m completely type A personality but maybe those who are close to me might disagree LOL. I would always be concerned about everything being exactly where it should be. I couldn’t stand getting dirty or having my hair blown by he wind in the wrong direction. That hasn’t changed much but I have made some good changes since Sofia has arrived. I’ve learned to have more patience, to enjoy those little moments when Sofia accidentally throws up on clean shirt. Or maybe when you’re extremely exhausted from a long day and you have to stay up late, it’s all worth it knowing that she will sleep in peace and wake up with a smile on her face.

I’m definitely learning as the days go by, and not everything is perfect. It’s all trial and error and that’s totally fine. Also, every mom has their own way of doing things, and that is totally fine. So we don’t have to mom shame other moms who don’t do it the way “we” think they should. I must say that I’m very thankful that I can count on my family who also live here in Houston (thank God). It would be so much harder without having a good support system. You need family who surrounds you and supports you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Let’s face it and be real? We all have those moments and it’s ok! Just know that it’s not going to be difficult all the time. It’s been great to share with other moms who are ahead of the game because they give you tips on what might work for you too. But ☝🏽 not every advice that is given should be taken, and that’s ok! I don’t feel bad about doing things differently because at the end of it all, it’s my baby and it’s what works best for us!

To sum it all up, it’s been the best 6 months so far. It has been amazing to see how much Sofia has changed and grown in 6 months! I’m already planning her birthday party 🤣 Anyways to all the momma’s out there, YA’LL ARE AMAZING!!!!

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