12 things you didn’t know about me

You’re there and I’m here and there’s soooooo much we haven’t talked about right?! You might have seen my posts on Instagram or perhaps you keep up with my blog or both! You may know that I love beauty and fashion but who am I really?? Maybe I should’ve done this sooner but I guess today is the day! I figured it would be a fun idea to share a little bit more about me because it’s always fun to get to know new people and make new friends.

1. Where am I from?

Born and raised from Houston, Texas. However, my family is from Mexico.

2. Do I have any siblings?

Yes, I have an older brother and sister. We’re actually a decade apart, that makes me the baby of the family. 😜

3. Do I speak another language?

Yes, I speak Spanish too! It’s something that I’m working on with Sofia too. I also want to learn how to speak Italian, why you may ask? Well, my husband is fluent and I want Sofia to learn it too. Eventually we will all be speaking Italian too hehe.

4. What are my 5 favorite movies?

The Age of Adeline

Mean Girls

The Proposal

The Notebook

The Devil Wears Prada.

I’m a sucker for chick flicks 😜

5. What’s my favorite dessert?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream, and anyone that knows me, knows that I love ice cream! Any flavor. Any day of the year. All. Day. Everyday. Lol!

6. If I had to choose one food for the rest of my life?

This one is really difficult because I’m a sucker for Italian, but I love Mexican food. So I’d choose tacos all day everyday, but if not I will gladly take pasta 😍

7. Did I graduate?

Yes, I actually recently graduated with a bachelors in Corporate Communication. I’ve also had my cosmetology license for about 8 years, and yes I still love to do hair!

8. Do I have any pets?

Yes! We actually have a miniature schnauzer named Chloe and Sofia LOVES her. I wouldn’t say the love is reciprocal but, hey you know Chloe is warming up to the idea of having a sister.

9. What kind genre is on my playlist?

R&B, Country, Bachata, Salsa, Reggaeton, Pop, and some Hip Hop.

10. Who takes the photos for myblog?

My super supportive husband and majority of the time Sofia is also with us so she watches us “work”.

11. How long have I been blogging?

I just started blogging this year, and it’s been a pretty fun adventure to say the least! There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes and requires a lot of work, but I think that’s the fun part about blogging.

12. How did I come up with the name Freckles & Cocoa?

I wanted to incorporate something about me and something I loved. I used to dislike my freckles when I was younger and I always wanted to hide them but as I matured I embraced my freckles. Now it’s a trend and people even add faux freckles haha so it’s something that makes me unique and I figured I would use it in my blog name. While I was brainstorming for names, my husband overheard me and said “Cocoa because you love chocolate” and I immediately identified with the name so I said “nailed it!” 

What fact surprised you the most??

Let me know in the comments down below and tell me something fun about you, I’d love to know more about you too!




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