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Starting a day by applying my makeup favorites is something I look forward to everyday. It’s such a relaxing process for me, just me and my makeup, and nothing else. There are other products that I incorporate too, but these four are hands down my most used favorite items. I cannot not use them, ya know? They’re just that good!

Let’s begin with this amazing, affordable, voluminous mascara! If you like the sound of that, then keep on reading.
The price point is just under $10 at most retailers and easily accessible at your local drug store! I love finding affordable makeup items like this mascara because it is something that I use A LOT, and by that I mean every single day. So with that being said, it’s not like it’s going to hurt me when I run out and I have to purchase a new one. Mascaras normally last me about 6-8 weeks. Once it begins to feel a little on the dry side, that’s when I replace it.

The mascara I use isn’t waterproof, yet it doesn’t smear, or at least it hasn’t smudged on me. However, if you prefer waterproof they also have it available. I’ve been using this mascara a little over 6 months. I love that it separates the lashes without the clumping and that is what we all want right?? Even better than the no clumping factor, is the fact that it spreads the lashes making them look like falsies which is pretty amazing! So this is an item I will continue to use until I’m ready to try something new.

This foundation has a luminous, silky, and a semi matte finish. It has a subtle fragrance that I oddly really enjoy lol! It almost reminds me of baby lotion or some kind of baby product. It isn’t overpowering and it immediately fades away after application in case you don’t care for the fragrance.
I tried this foundation a few years ago, not in my perfect match, but I still ended up using it all and then moved on to try a new foundation. A few months later Gio (the hubby) said to me, “Babe there was this foundation that made your face look so smooth, you should get that again.” I was pleasantly surprised and didn’t think he actually knew what foundation was! I always trust what he tells me though, so I went to Sephora and bought a different shade to try out.
The new shade I bought was 7.5 for tan skin with a warm undertone and it was beyond perfection! Once the color oxidized it didn’t change too much, it actually remained very close to the original application. So it retails around $64, it’s on the higher end, but it lasts about 4-5 months. That’s if you wear it everyday like me, if not then I’m sure it will last a bit longer. I absolutely love it and if my hubby enjoys my smooth skin then I’m game. I look forward to applying my makeup and smelling my foundation every morning, call me weird, but this face tho 😜

Brows brows and more brows!! ahhh I hate leaving the house without brows, even if its just a little hint of this ka-brow cream gel from benefit. It’s buildable and it has a built-in brush for those on-the-go ladies out there. You have brows to go with just this little pomade. I use it in the shade 4.5 but honestly I loved wearing shade 4. It’s slightly lighter that this .5 but that .5 makes a difference, or so I believe it does.
The shade 4 was the one I originally purchased and it lasted more than a year, but after the year and a half mark it dried out so I bought a new one and went with 4.5 neutral deep brown. It’s darker and it requires less than the shade 4. You can literally draw hair strokes to fill in those sparse areas to give you an instant fuller brow. This is a must for me if I don’t wear either of the two mentioned above.
I purchased mine at Sephora and it retails around $24. They have shades 1-6 and they also have other brow pencils that coincide with the same shade as the cream gel if you’re ever in doubt.

Last but not least is this amazing lip mask from Laneige that I have been obsessing over! I bought this little wonder a year ago and I am just now running out. It retails around $25 and it smells like delicious fresh berries. It comes in other flavors or scents too.

Although it says it is a night mask I like to wear it in the mornings after I’ve applied my makeup and brushed my teeth. A little also goes a long way but at night I like to lather that baby on. I literally wake up with baby smooth lips!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for taking the time to read along. Make sure you leave me a comment if you’ve tried one of these products. Or which one would you like to try??



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      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post! Same here, I love trying new products!

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