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Beachkin Handbags

Happy Sunday loves!! Ahh I feel like we waited so long for the summer heat to arrive and it is finally here. Are you also like me, and you cannot wait for summer? Or are you a winter kinda of gal? Well regardless of which season you love more, I have found the perfect handbag/purse known as a Beachkin.

In the summertime I like for my entire outfit to be coordinated, and this bag definitely elevates me to another level of cuteness. Can we take a moment to admire all of the details of this beauty 😍. It’s seriously the cutest waterproof bag I’ve ever seen! And Its perfect all year long, especially for those poolside summer days.

It’s completely 100% waterproof…yes you heard right! The entire bag can get wet and nothing will be ruined. Obviously the twilly scarf and your personal item will get wet if you submerge it. I highly doubt I’ll be swimming with my bag lol! Other than than that you don’t have to worry about it getting wet, or ruined by the chlorine water. I never thought a waterproof bag would be so fashionable, but here I am with the most adorable bag waterproof bag.

This color is nude with a top zipper and it comes in various colors too. I’m a nude kinda of gal, I like everything to be neutral. Or Im the kind of person that likes to get the most out of my purchase, and if it goes with more then it will be the perfect color.

The lock is removal because it expands wider, kind of like the Hermes. Obviously this version is much much, and by much I mean MUCH more affordable, and waterproof! The twilly scarf is also removable, so you get options. If you decide to invest in this amazing bag you can use my discount code freckles to save 10% off your new bag!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading and following along! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


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