Blush pink ruffled dress


DRESS wearing size 0 || SHOES wearing size 5.5 || EARRINGS || SUNGLASSES

When Wednesday arrives something inside of me gets all giddy, knowing that I’ve made it halfway through the week- y’all that is something to be proud of! You have been diligently working everyday, that we get to caught up in the routine. And we tend to forget that what we’re doing is amazing! We are being productive in all that we do. Wednesday is just the middle of the week, but His voice keeps telling me to keep pushing. Then two more days and voila, the weekend is here.

On the weekends I love to go out for brunch, and that is the main reason to dress up right?! This ruffled hem dress, and large floral earrings will make the right statement. This dress is so adorable with the ruffled hem, I really love dresses like this, and they flounce when I walk. My resin earrings are such great quality and they’re from Amazon! You honestly can’t beat the $13 price tag for these beauties.

I hope this look inspired you! Thank you for reading and following along,

much love,

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