Sweater Dresses are a fall favorite


SWEATER DRESS wearing size xs || BOOTS size 5.5 || EARRINGS

Happy Friday Jr! I feel like this week has been so productive and I have been all over town. That is the good thing, and now you can finally slow down the pace and wait for the weekend. Orrrr you can book yourself up all week long too!

Anyways, I’m sharing a bunch of sweater dresses because it is one of my favorite items to wear during the fall. It’s so cozy, yet so flattering, and sweater dresses will make you look like you tried a little. Or maybe for those days that you don’t know what what to really wear, just throw one of these on. Add some boots, a trench and voila you look amazing!

I love them all the way into winter too, and when winter comes around I add some stocking or pantyhose. Knee high boots and a big coat of course. I can’t say enough great things about sweater dresses because I just simply love them! They come in a variety of styles and colors too!

I hope you find one that suits you <3


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