For the hostess who does the mostest!

I love hosting gatherings at my home, there’s something so fun about getting everything ready! So for all those special someone’s who love to host, I’ve gathered a few pieces that I would love to have when I host.

1. Initial marble board | I love charcuterie boards and all kinds of goodies when I have people over, and what’s better than a personalized board! You could choose the first initial of their name or if it’s for both (family), I’d say last name initial works great too!

2. Gold Cocktail shaker | this is perfect to make some delicious cocktails or just to be fancy and shake some mocktails 😜 I love to have a cute bar set up even though I may not use it but it’s so cute to have in case you need it.

3. Appetizer plate set| These are the perfect little trays for anything! Even though they’re smaller than a regular plate it’s nice to use as an appetizer plate or to use as a ‘snack’ tray. I love how festive and chic they are.

4. Festive Kitchen Towels | it’s nice to have during the Christmas parties and all December long. It gives the kitchen a festive touch!

5. Champagne flutes | to say a little cheer with a cute flute, these are perfect for any party! The gold accent really dresses up a regular champagne flute.

6. Wood and Gold coasters | these will look good under any cup! I love the gold accent with wood, chic and cozy at the same time.

7. Crushed candy candle | I love the scent of peppermint in a home, it reminds me of winter for some reason. And this comes in a beautiful container that will look beautiful at any table setting.

8. Tea Forte | I really enjoy some delicious hot tea at the end of the day. And these are perfect for those tea lovers, who love to share tea time too. It’s individually packaged and it has a variety of flavors to choose from.

9. Reindeer throw pillow| The cutest reindeer pillow who loves to keep the house comfortable and cozy. I love the neutral tones with a hint of red to keep it festive.

10. Snuggle season mug | the perfect mug for tea, orrr for the coffee lovers! This totally makes me want to snuggle under a blanket with some hot tea. The colors scream Christmas and joy!

11. Gold spreaders | these are great for the charcuterie board, or any appetizers. The brushed gold really makes them special. They’re the perfect size for everything and anything. I didn’t realize how handy these can be when you eat a snack.

12. Throw blanket with pom poms | the coziest blanket with adorable pom poms makes gift giving fun. This would look so good on any couch but what makes this blanket special is the person giving it.

This wraps up this gift guide for any host, hostess, or entertainer! They’re simple ideas but sweet and thoughtful. You can totally combine any two or give one, totally up to you! I really hope you found this useful and maybe you thought of someone who would really enjoy this!

Happy shopping ❤️


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