Gifts for the gadget gurus under $50!

Gadgets are always so fun and come in handy more often than you’d think. I picked a few gifts that I thought would be absolutely practical, fun and thoughtful. I always have someone in mind when I pick gifts and this one reminds me a lot of my brother. Even though my mom could totally use a portable speaker, hopefully she’s not reading this 😜 but remember to always have fun when you’re gift picking!

1. Bluetooth radio speaker | this is for the old school peeps but like to stay up to date on technology. It’s an am/fm radio, but also streams via Bluetooth or with auxiliary cord.

2. Charting station | how awesome is this 3n1 charging station! I love that it only has one cord and you’re able to charge multiple items at once just by placing it on the + sign.

3. AirPods protective skin | I didn’t realize how easily the AirPod case scratches, but luckily now your AirPods won’t scratch. Or you can give this awesome protective skin with a hook so it can be clipped on.

4. Crosley turntable | keep the party going with this beautiful vintage turntable! It would be fun to start a vinyl collection with this 3-spear turntable.

5. HD wireless camera | this camera is perfect to keep an eye out on your beloved furry friend or anything else that you can think of.

6. Coffee mug warmer | I love this for those cold office spaces that instantly cool down your coffee. Keep it warm all day long with this warmer.

7. Stroller power | for the moms on the go, and don’t ever want to run out of power . Nothing is worse than being out and your phone is on 1%. This is perfect to recharge at anytime you use your stroller.

8. Electronic organizer | perfect for traveling or just to organize every cable, usb, auxiliary cords you may have laying around. It’s the perfect way to store everything electronic, and you’ll know exactly where to find it when you’re looking for a specific something.

9. Wireless earbuds | I don’t know why we waited so long to go wireless, once you’re wireless you can’t go back. It’s so much easier than all the cables.

10. Wireless Bluetooth speaker | for all the music fans who also hate cables. I love my wireless speaker because I can move with my music to any room in the house.

11. Fitness activity tracker | great for anyone who runs or likes to keep track of their daily steps. My hubby is obsessed with his daily steps and is constantly trying to beat his new goal.

12. Air hockey table | a mini tabletop air hockey table is perfect to bring out when friends are over. Or just to play when you’re tired of board games.

13. Portable speaker | this speaker is great if you don’t want to carry the big speaker everywhere. You can easily toss this in a bag and go.

Happy shopping ❤️


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