Gifts for the traveler

These gifts are perfect for the traveler who is always on a plane. They don’t have to be crazy expensive but just a simple gift will make their trip that much better. Now a lot of these are currently on sale, so it’s a good time to do all the gift shopping done 😜

1. Laundry bag | every time I travel I use one of these because I dislike to mix my clean clothes that I didn’t wear with the dirty clothes. It’s good to be organized even when you travel.

2. TSA travel bottles | if it’s TSA approves then you know you’ll be safe when you travel. These bottles and containers are all leakproof which makes it that much better. With the pressure changes the bottles usually tend to spill but not with these babies!

3. Leopard slippers | slippers to keep the feet warm in the hotel room, or on the plane to relax the feet a bit.

4. Waterproof anti-theft backpack | this also fits a laptop and iPad. I love that it’s waterproof because there’s usually electronics in there.

5. Memory foam pillow | I love my neck pillow, I even use it at home while I watch tv. I love it especially when I travel because I get to rest on the plane without hurting my neck.

6. Luggage tag | a cute luggage tag for a cute friend that loves to travel. This is always good to have and to replace.

7. Portable lighted mirror |this mirror is perfect to do makeup or to use at night when there are no lights.

8. Shockproof case| this holds all the cables and organizes everything in one case. It’s shockproof which is the most important too.

9. Passport case | this travel set comes with a passport case, luggage tag and transparent cosmetic bag. If you’re trying to keep everything color matched then this set is great.

10. Carry-on travel pajamas | when I travel long distances, 12 hours or more I like to change into pajamas to relax and not feel so restrained. It’s super cute too!

11. 5-piece packing cube | staying organized while traveling ensures that you don’t forget anything. So with this 5-piece cubes you can make sure everything is one area at all times.

12. Spinner carry-on | carry-ons are great some quick trips, especially when they’re so easy to maneuver like this one. It’s a bit of a splurge but sometimes you need to spend the extra bucks.

Happy shopping ❤️


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