Gifts for toddlers under $50

Gifts for toddlers are so fun! They’re bright, colorful and so stinking cute! So when I shop for toddlers, I think about what will be informative, and fun at the same time. A lot of these seem so fun, especially when pretend playing with cousins. Sofia loves to pretend cook, and do makeup because she watches everything I do. So I hope some of these are helpful for your toddlers too!

1. Lacing Beads | these beads can help a toddler count, name the shapes, and use their motor skills to put the beads through the lace.

2. Wooden toaster | I remember when I used to pretend play, and how fun it was. Now there’s so many adorable wooden toys for toddlers to learn and pretend to make some yummy toast!

3. Broom & Mop set | Pretend to clean, or learn to clean? this is perfect to teach the little one how to clean up like mommy and daddy.

4. Lacing sneaker | This wooden shoe with laces helps a little one learn how to tie a shoe. There’s always a way to make learning a little bit more fun.

5. See & Spell | These wooden boards help a toddler learn how to spell by seeing the object and placing the letters in the right order.

6. Pretend Cooking set | Sofia loves to play with my pots and pans, so why not have a set of her own? These are perfect for little hands, and perfect to play! They even look super realistic.

7. Add & subtract |It is never too early to start math teaching. This is a fun and interactive way of teaching a toddler how to add and subtract. The vibrant colors always makes everything more fun!

8. Cosmetic bag | This is adorable for all the little girls who love to play with mommy’s makeup. I love the wooden toys because they will last a long time compared to plastic that easily breaks.

9. 100 Learning words book | Sofia absolutely loves this book, it has so many pages of basic words and it is bilingual too!

10. Hope pound & xylophone | music making is always so much fun, the louder the better not for us but for them!

11. Doctor set | pretend playing to be a doctor is always a fun thing to do, especially if mom or dad is in the same industry. This is a fun way for a toddler to know that it is not scary to go to the pediatrician.

12. Cash Register | Learning how to pay and use money is a very important learning lesson for a little one. But it can be so fun to just play!

13. Ukulele | For all the music lovers, an instrument can be so fun! Sofia loves to play with guitars so this one will be so good for those little hands.

Happy shopping ❤️


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