Spring is here, and so are the dresses!


DRESS sized up to a 10 normally I wear a 2 || SHOES size 5.5 || BAG || EARRINGS || BRACELETS

Ahhh it feels so good to be back on here!! I cannot believe I am 34 weeks pregnant and to be totally honest with you, I have been living in maternity leggings and oversized tunics. It’s just comfortable, it kept me warm all winter long. I have lived a spring/summer pregnancy and now this time around I experienced a winter pregnancy. I personally feel like there wasn’t anything too exciting going on if you know what I mean?! Yes there’s always going to be new stuff that’s in style but for me there wasn’t really too much fashion going on in the winter while I was pregnant. I would just invest in several leggings, and tops to layer on during the winter. Other than that I kept the same wardrobe all winter long.

Now that spring is around the corner I feel like I can totally get creative and wear more pieces that show the bump. Bodycon dresses are always so flattering and are good base layers to have during spring and even going into summer. But if you’re not into tight fitting clothes, thats where the flowy and maxi dresses come out.

So right now that spring is around the corner I thought about how many events happen in the spring, spring break, weddings, Easter and not to mention that the sun is out! What other reason do we want to wear dresses right?! I have gathered a few dresses that I thought would be perfect for any of those. Most of them are not maternity but I have also gathered some maternity ones for the mamas out there.

Now we can talk about this outfit! The color screams spring am I right?! It’s such a beautiful chiffon dress that flows beautifully. It has a liner and adjustable straps which is great for petite girls like myself. I had to size up a little more than I am used to but it worked out for the bump. I normally wear a 2 in dresses but this one is in a 10 and it fit great.

I paired it with some delicate floral earrings that were too cute to pass up. Some of my favorite Kinsley Armelle bracelets that matched to perfection. And then with my waterproof Beachkin bag that completed this outfit. I hope this gave you some inspiration for spring wardrobe even while carrying a baby bump. There always a reason to look cute 😉


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