Welcoming our second baby girl

I still remember visiting my doctor for a regular checkup, and she begins to explain the situation in which the hospitals were heading in. She begins by telling me that I may have to deliver without my husband (or anyone to be exact.) Can you imagine hearing those words coming out of the doctor’s mouth? One thing was certain, I was not about to let fear overtake me.

I think that pregnancies are so special and you want to cherish every moment (not to mention if it’s the first baby.) So not being able to share that sweet time with your spouse was definitely going to be harder than it seems. Now this was all changing so fast from week to week, so it was a waiting game just like the whole lock down.

It was definitely something I did not want to experience alone.

This was all taking place in the middle of April and in the middle of all the uncertainty I had to remain calm. So I can say that I was doing my best to stay positive and not stress out about the days ahead (talk about having complete trust in Him that everything is done for our good and not to harm us.) I was literally taking it a day at a time at this point. Luckily for me, I was heavy nesting ha! Everything was ready, we even re-painted, ya I know we were ready to say the least! We had all the time in the world and we were just being hopeful that hubby would be by my side when it was time.

Patiently waiting for Emma at 39 weeks

So here I am at 39 weeks and still no signs of Emma wanting to arrive. I was trying to stay pretty active and move everyday, trying everything to help her move down in position, because I didn’t want to be medically induced. I just wanted for her to be ready at her own time like Sofia, but we know that is not really how it plays out right? Each birth story is different and unique in it’s very own way!

The only reason I was considering being induced was when my doctor told me about the severity of the hospital visitations. If I went ahead and scheduled my induction I wouldn’t risk not having hubby there with me. If I waited until she was ready, I was also waiting for updates on the hospital visitations and hoping that it wouldn’t go into the next phase which meant absolutely no guests.

40 weeks and it is go time!

I have officially scheduled my induction for Wednesday April 22nd since Emma wasn’t quite ready. I literally said to myself “I am not waiting past 40 weeks.” Now I’m 40 weeks and I still didn’t see anything changing luckily everything was ready to take place, and hospitals were still in the same phase. That meant hubby will be with me for delivery day. It was just another typical night, we put Sofia to sleep and I finally get some alone time with hubby to catch up on our favorite show “life below zero” (there’s just something about watching people live off the grid and in the middle of snow. It’s so good if you haven’t seen in.) Anyways, here we are deep in the show and before we could finish it he’s sound asleep, and I finally found a comfortable so I am ready to sleep when I begin to feel a contraction, ouch!

1:15 in the am, wake up love…

From my previous experience with Sofia I said I need to try something before I headed to the hospital. I decide to chug a bottle of water to see if the contractions calmed down. However, that didn’t really help so I chugged another…by this time it is going on 30 minutes of contractions and they were still there just not as consistent. Then all of a sudden they were getting intense so I decided to go ahead and make the call to see if I was ready to go in, immediately she said “yes go ahead and come in!” By this time it was 2:30 am and I wake hubby up and tell him that it’s time.

We drop off Sofia and head straight to the hospital. As soon as we walked in they checked our temperature and made sure to wear our mask. Then they followed with the usual protocol while we waiting for the doctor to arrive. I didn’t expect to be ready but I was more than ready! I walked in at 7cm dilated and within minutes I was ready to receive our new baby girl.

The hospital was very vacant and very very different from the first time. I noticed right away that there was not as many staff working, which was very odd. As soon as I was transferred to the delivery room, I was expecting all the nurses to show up like before. Yet no one really showed but one nurse she was going to be in charge of everything until the obstetrician showed up to deliver the baby. I was nervous at this point, but I was trusting that everything was going to go as planned and I was in the best hands.

She’s here! 7:39am

I was more than ready to welcome her and it didn’t take long before she was taking her first breath of fresh air into the world. I will say that it happened so fast and I was so thankful to have her in my arms. She was the perfect little sister for Sofia! We couldn’t wait to show Sofia her new little sister. Even though it was a very different experience from the first time, I felt a sense of peace knowing that she was healthy and well. We were welcoming a miracle and that is something we were all thankful for.

So if you’re going to be a mama soon, just know that you are not alone! You are doing great and you will do amazing! He has equipped you for this moment in this specific time. You are going to be the best mama for that sweet little baby of yours.


*Thanks to Kelli Nicole Photography for these beautiful family photos.

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