Toddler Gifts

Starting the Christmas shopping on time! Are you a procrastinator or do you plan ahead? Either way I’ll make sure to share a gift guide for everyone on your list. This year I thought I would start the fun a little earlier because it’s 2020 and we need more joy!

I selected a few toddler items that are great to entertain but also enable them to use their imagination. I remember when I was a kid, and how much I loved these toys. Now I get to relive these moments with Sofia!

1. 100 animals book — Sofia received the 100 words book and she absolutely loves it. I know she will love the animal one just as much, because she is such a curious little one!

2. Wooden village — I loved cars when I was little and I know just how fun it is to create a twin of your own.

3. Doctor kit — Sofia is all about playing doctor and the band aids!! so doctor kit is great for soft play.

4. Puzzles — these are great for learning and also for having fun! Sorting shapes and animals is always a great way to learn.

5. Domino — kids first domino’s is another fun game that helps them coordinate and use their critical thinking.

6. Matching game — I loved these when I was little

7. Puppets — puppets are so much fun! Kids get to create scenes and stories, I know I loved to watch puppet shows but most importantly I loved to create them.

8. Card game — Interactive and more can join in the fun too!

9. Magic board — drawing without the mess! How much fun are these?! I still love them and they’re great for traveling too.

10. Instrument set — kids are natural explorers and sometimes they’re musicians too!

11. Tool set — tools for hardworking kids, or for handy kids.


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