Making memories while creating gingerbread houses

I have wanted to do this for the longest time now. For some reason I never had the chance to make one before but thank God I’m a mom and I get to choose the activity 😆 so today we are making a gingerbread house out of graham crackers. I decided that I was going to make this simple, yet fun for Sofia who’s only 3. I was not about to make the gingerbread from scratch, but if you have all the time I would totally suggest it! So I stuck to graham crackers because it’ll do the job.

The great part about this activity is that you might already have all of the things in your pantry. Sofia had no idea what we were about to make, but she knew that we were making a house of some sort. We had everything but candy so we decided to pick up some up to get started. This is the steps we took to achieve that cute little house.

First, I started by making the royal icing. I whipped some egg whites until they fluffed up. Then gradually added confectioners sugar to create the sticky “glue” if you want a step by step guide is used this one here. You can keep adding more sugar for a more thickened consistency. I believe I might have made mine a bit too runny but still dried fairly quickly.

Next, I cut the graham crackers into the exact pieces I needed. Which were a total of 6 pieces. I followed this guide here. I used a bread knife to saw off the edges without breaking the crackers. I broke about 3 😅

I wanted to get started right away since my 3 year old is waiting on mama to begin. So instead of using the icing to glue the house pieces together, I used another sugar method. I melted regular granulated sugar (yes it will melt after a few minutes). Once I had the sticky melted sugar glue it was time to glue them all together, piece by piece. I followed this guide here.

Here is where the fun began for my little Sofia. It was time to go “crazy”. Although she’s a little like her mama, she takes her time to carefully place each piece on the house. She likes for everything to be coordinated and beautiful.

What do you think of our finished product? She loved it and I think this will be a yearly activity for us now!


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