Trying Lilly Lashes for the first time. My honest review

Miami Flare
top: Chrysan
bottom: Miami Flare

Immediately when I received the box of 3D faux Mink lashes I was ecstatic. I can pretty much say that I am a huge fan of false lashes. So finding a good pair of lashes is such a satisfying feeling. Looking for the right lash is kind of like finding the right shoes, they have to fit just right. They have to have the right shape, length, size, I mean several things you must consider before actually buying a lash. This was my very first time trying luxury Lilly lashes and faux mink.

What’s the difference between faux mink and a regular synthetic lash?

I received faux mink but there is also real mink fur lashes. There are several differences from faux mink lashes vs regular lashes. Faux mink has a tapered finish creating a natural effect. Faux mink is also very silky and feather light on the eye. The regular lash strip is flat across on a strip vs the mink lash. Mink lashes create a 3D dimension and aren’t just straight across the lash. Faux mink lashes give the effect of individual lashes which create dimension in the eyelash. The faux mink lashes hold their curl and also seamlessly blends with the natural lashes, creating a beautiful finish.

“Our Photolash™ technology replicates the look and feel of traditional mink hairs. Get the same lash styles you love in a vegan, waterproof faux mink material.” -Lilly Lashes

What do I look for in a lash?

If you ask me, what I look for when choosing lashes it is typically a lash that’s flared on the outer edges and pretty voluminous. Now I do consider night lashes and everyday lashes that are more subtle. I love when my eyes look elongated and create a cat eye effect. If you don’t know Lilly Lashes you can see all the styles here. Yet I still don’t know why I hadn’t ordered some before. So I was even more thrilled to receive two different styles, Chrysan and Miami Flare, and in the box I also found the power liner in black. I’ll get into the liner too.

My final thoughts on both styles.

Ok so both lashes are vegan, waterproof, and can be worn up to 25 times! Now that is worth the money. The Chrysan lash is very full on the outer edges and medium length. If you’re used to wearing lashes they will feel short but they are almost as long as the Miami Flare. It is a natural and subtle lash, yet very voluminous. I didn’t know that voluminous and subtle could go together but they do and they are perfection! The Miami Flare is long, flared and very full throughout the entire strip, creating a very dramatic lash. I definitely would say that these are not everyday lashes unless you are used to something with a lot of length. Surprisingly, both lashes are not heavy at all considering that they are 3D and very full. The lash strip is very comfortable to wear and is very easy to apply.

Would I buy more faux mink lashes? Yes. I love the natural effect that mink lashes give the eye vs the synthetic. I’m not saying I love mink over synthetic because they are very different once you see them in person. I am just a fan of lashes and I love the detailing that goes into creating faux mink lashes.

What’s the power liner all about?

Ok so this is where my jaw kind of dropped-say what?! An eye liner adhesive? Yeah you read that right. 2 + 1 eye liner plus adhesive. Very very innovative if you ask me. I love my regular lash adhesive but a pen/liner that is adhesive is pretty cool if you ask me. Now, I will say that the only down side was the actual application of the liner. I felt that it wasn’t as smooth as a regal liner because it was tacky, so it wouldn’t create a seamless line as I am used to. However, I may just have to give it another try and see if it was just a one time thing. I was considering applying my regular liner and adding this on top as the adhesive. I know this kind of defeats the purpose of the 2 in 1 kind of thing, but it wasn’t my favorite. I have to give it a second chance before disliking it completely. So for now I still like the concept and the easiness of it being an adhesive pen sort of speak.

Well, overall I will say that I was very impressed with Lilly Lashes and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future once these are done. I hope you enjoyed and this and found it helpful.


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