The perfect Valentine’s Day outfit

Valentine’s Day in Spanish is translated into “the day of love and friendships” which I find to be so sweet! Before having kids I wasn’t a big fan of the day, to be honest. Not for any reason in particular, but what I really enjoy doing is gifting my sweetheart a funny card and maybe some chocolates. Now after having two little girls I find every excuse on any holiday to do something fun! From crafts, to cooking, and even baking, I like to make every holiday special and sweet for them.

So if I can get a chance to wear some hearts, I feel like Valentine’s Day is the perfect day. So I grabbed a neutral outfit of course, found the cutest heart shaped drop earrings, and finished it with a pop of pink. I call it the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day or any other day because it’s neutral. It’s the perfect touch for a Valentine’s Day at the office or Sunday brunch. I mean you name it the possibilities are endless with this top.

What is something you enjoy doing on this holiday?

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