Sweet mornings with my waffle maker

Waffles are an ultimate favorite breakfast of mine, remember eggos? Ok well I still buy them, not for the girls but for myself. Ha! I love the chocolate chip ones oh so much! Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. SO needless to say, I was so excited when I saw this mini waffle maker! I wasn’t about to commit to a regular sized waffle maker just yet, but yes yes yes to a mini sized one. Dash also has regular round waffles, still mini but round if you prefer over the heart shaped one. Anyways, I make a quick batter with Mrs. Butter’s pancake mix. You can also make it from scratch if you prefer. I like the easiness and quickness of a pre-made batter.

As soon as you connect it, the waffles maker begins to warm up. The blue light indicates that is is warming and once it turns off, it is ready to use. First I spray with a nonstick spray, then I add just enough batter to cover the bottom. I’d say about a tablespoon size. Leave enough room for it to expand once it cooks. Next, the blue light will turn on and go off again, you can check your waffle until desired look. If you lift up and it doesn’t look ready, just let it cook a little longer until it turns golden brown.

It is perfectly toasted on the outside and soft inside. I top it with a little confectioners sugar and raspberries. But feel free to add any toppings you like! I even made cinnamon waffles the other day too. I can’t wait to make ice cream sandwiches with this 😍

What’s your favorite waffle recipe?


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