Rainbow Rice for sensory play

I couldn’t resist not making this beautiful colorful rainbow rice for sensory play. I found this inspiration through Pinterest of course! you can find the exact blog post here in case you want to follow for more inspiration too! You can easily store it in an airtight container for future play.

Anyway, it’s super simple and inexpensive to make too. Here’s what you’ll need in case you don’t have it in your pantry already:

You’ll want to add one cup of rice into the ziplock bag, then add 1 tsp of white vinegar, followed by the food coloring. I used two drops for each cup of rice. When you mix the food colors to achieve another color, you’ll want to add more drops of course. My food coloring box had the mixture instructions so that was helpful.

Then I laid the wet rice on wax paper and laid it out evenly to dry. It dried pretty quickly, I’d say within the hour it should be ready to go. I left it for 2 hours just to be sure. Then you are ready to play!

Here’s the final look, and I can’t believe it came out looking so beautiful! Sofia loves to scoop and transfer the rice into different containers, but you can add a twist to it! I told her to add her farm animals and pretend to play in the “blue water” which is the blue rice. Or perhaps you can mix them all together for a rainbow party.

I hope you enjoyed this super simple sensory idea! Let me know if you have made this or plan to recreate. What would you add to make this super fun for the littles?


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