Happy new year!

Wow 2022 already?! I swear it was just 2020 and now we’re here! How amazing is that? When your focused on your life and your purpose, time seems to fly by. Now I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/new year I know it has been a little while since I have posted a blog post, oh how I missed this place! But to be quite honest this mama has been extremely busy. Who knew running a blog, homeschooling, keeping your home clean, prepping meals would take up so much time! Not to mention you still need time for yourself and your spouse. That time is sacred more than you could ever imagine.

Oh yeah, and if you hadn’t noticed, we have some exciting news to share in case you don’t follow me on Instagram. The newest addition will be arriving this summer! It was such an unexpected blessing yet we were overjoyed, and thrilled to have another sweet baby join our family.

This sweet baby is already 16 weeks old! Say what?! I felt like we just found out we were expecting a baby! Yet here we are prepping for our third baby possibly our last (honey are you reading this?) We find out what we’re having this February so we’re anxiously waiting for that day. Until then we have already been in nesting mode. Deep cleaning, refreshing our home and just loving the home He has blessed us with.

I hope to share more tips and things that have helped me throughout this pregnancy. If not I will be sure to share more about the things I have loved most, and things I will be buying for this baby. Things I have been wanting to test out, or maybe just things I wished I had gotten from the very first time I became a mama.

I hope you have a fantastic day! And if you took time to read this thank you for being here and supporting my blog, it truly means a lot. Know that you’re a good friend!



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