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Welcome to the Journey Birthing Center, where new lives are born everyday! As this pregnancy grows all I can do is count down the days until I meet baby, but for now this is the place I’ve been coming to. I get to check up on baby and see how much they’ve grown. To be honest I never imagined I’d be so excited about a birth, but here I am super excited and totally looking forward to a medicated-free birth! Mind you it is my third baby, so I felt like this time around I am now more aware of what I want and need. I used to think hospitals were the safest and only way to deliver a baby. However, that is totally not the case and we are seeing a rise in home births again.

After the pandemic mothers were afraid of going to hospitals because of COVID. Whether they believed they might be easily infected at a hospital or simply just wanted more privacy. Home births were becoming more normalized over hospital births. I also began to see an increase of pregnant woman sharing their stories on my social media. That alone was very intriguing and I began considering it for myself. Most women are qualified to deliver naturally, that is 95 percent and are encouraged to do so. Now It didn’t happen over night for me either, I did some extensive research, met with many midwives, and after several consultations, I found Amber and her amazing team, meet them here. They are all so wonderful and love what they do, and in knowing that I felt confident that I made the right decision for my birthing experience.

I’m not sure about you, but I find it is very empowering to know that the woman’s body was designed for a moment like this. I remember going into the hospital with my first born Sofia, and really wanted to go through with a medication-free birth. I just wasn’t sure what to except as a first timer, but I remember the excruciating back pain I had endured for long hours, but I just couldn’t handle it anymore. So I opted for an epidural because it was easily accessible.

Yet after two hospital births I can honestly say that it wasn’t the best experience nor was it the worst. I can say that I delivered two healthy girls on time and I healed just fine. Except that after the pandemic things at the hospital changed drastically, and I did not want to experience the same for this third pregnancy. Not sure if the third time’s the charm, as people usually say it, but I decided that this time I wanted to be in full control. I did not want someone else dictating what I should do or what would happen with my baby if I didn’t follow their protocol.

I am so glad I took this alternative route, because not only are they certified, I find ultimate peace when I come here. I feel like I am in good hands, they listen to me and my concerns. They aren’t rushing through my appointment to see the next patient. I actually feel like I am a part of their own! I love that about them.


As soon as my husband and I walked into this beautiful southern house we felt a sense of peace. Now I don’t know about you, but hospitals give me anxiety! Regardless of the situation, I would always feel overwhelmed and anxious about going to a hospital but not this time. I truly feel at peace when I come here and that is the best feeling for a pregnant mama. I mean there’s so many other things to stress about but going to see your midwife should not be one of them. Also, if you’re wondering if an out of the hospital birth is safe it is! Read more about it here.

exam room

Now let’s take a walk through the birthing center shall we? As soon as you walk in you’ll see the beautiful lobby and area for the kids to play while they wait on mama. To the far left side is the exam room which you see above. Then immediately to your right you’ll see the Eden Birth Suite. You get to choose your favorite suite out of the three rooms. There are two suites on the first floor, which include a porcelain tub for water births. The third room located upstairs also has a tub just slightly different.

It is so peaceful and serene. That is exactly what I pictured when I walked into this room. Since this will be my first medication-free birth I have been prepping for this birth. I also have a doula that will help me through this birth, but all I ever wanted to experience is an overwhelming sense of peace as a give birth. I mean it is already a very intense moment but I know that it can be more intimate and less stressful than being at a hospital.

They are equipped with the necessary medications and equipment such as IV fluids during birth “for the safest birth experience possible, and several hours monitoring postpartum.” In case of emergency there is a hospital close by and will be ready to receive you.

You can read more about their services and pricing here.

I’m sharing all of this information with you because I want you to know that if you’re considering a home birth, this is your answer to say yes! Schedule a consultation and make sure you feel confident about the decision you make. I never imagined I would be here sharing my journey with you, but I am so excited to share the good news with you! I want to reassure you that you too can do it! Or even if you’re reading this and you’re not yet pregnant, you will have this to look at and say “if she did it I can do it too.”


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