Summertime is here!

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Happy Monday my lovelies! This mama has been very busy to say the least, from swim classes, to daily mom life, and also prepping for a newborn! Yikes! Mama has her hands full. That doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my wonderful blog. I’ve just been prioritizing some things over some others and thats totally understandable. Now if you don’t follow me on Instagram make sure you do! Thats usually where I any share life updates or my daily life.

Last time we chatted, I shared some major news with you on this pregnancy and how I will be delivering baby. I decided to go the unmedicated not at a hospital birth. And you can read all about it here! It is something that I have been prepping for, mentally, physically, and emotionally too. I believe that it will be such an incredible experience and I cannot wait to share that with you too. I am currently 38 weeks tomorrow Tuesday. So baby could potentially come any minute now. Sofia my oldest was 39 weeks and Emma was 40 and 1 day. There’s no way of telling if baby will wait for the due date or come any minute now.

I have been on full mode nesting, and gathering all of my postpartum essentials too. There’s so many things I had to organize and reorder, since its our third baby we know what we’ll need and how we can ask for help during the first weeks. It truly takes a village, and we’re oh so grateful to have family and friends close by that are already asking how they can be involved. So for now this mama is just waiting around drinking some red raspberry leaf tea, eating dates and doing the miles circuit. All in preparation for the big day!

I also wanted to with you this beautiful maxi dress I received from PinkBlush Maternity, it can also be worn post baby, so its a double win! I will link all of my favorite summer dresses from PinkBlush that are also bump friendly in case you’re also expecting. If you’re not they will also work for you too!


You can use my code FRECKLES&COCOA25 to save 25% pff your purchase at PinkBlush Maternity.

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