Moooo Emma’s twoooo + free printable

I just realized I never had the chance to share the details that went into Emma’s 2nd birthday party. Even though we had planned for it to be a little different, it turned out to be a sweet birthday party for our sweet girl! We planned for an outdoor party during April showers, and you just never know when it will rain here in Houston! It can be clear skies and then bam rain comes out of nowhere. Almost everyone canceled on us for one reason or another last minute. Even though the weather turned out to be nice and sunny, we had strong wind gust at around 20mph! So our bounce house also canceled on us. So I told my husband to just move the party indoors and play it safe.

I had so much fun planning her birthday and finding all the little farm things. It was actually the first time we host a party in our house, since it was just our immediate family it turned out just fine! I found the cutest goodie bags, some sticker pages, and cow/pig balloons! I made some “fresh corn” which was popcorn wrapped up in green crepe paper. I also covered some strawberries in orange candy melts to make “carrots”. The piñata was a pull string and it didn’t end up working which was so funny! The kids pulled and it ripped off and no candy came out. Thanks to dad, he helped us get all the yummy candy out of it. For food we had some delicious sliders catered, with a side of fresh veggies and fruits. Fruit infused water, and lemonade to drink in our piggy cups.

Check it all out below and let me know what was your favorite part! My favorite part was making the balloon garland.

Happy birthday to our silly Emma!

Cake – Wink by Erica

Sticker sheets – Oriental Trading

Piñata – Etsy shop

My Dress – PinkBlush Use code FRECKLES&COCOA25 to save 25% off your purchase

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