New Year New play space.

Happy new year friend!

Oh my goodness we are here in a new year, welcome 2023! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New year! What an amazing year 2022 was for my family and I, it was filled with blessings, including our third baby! If you haven’t read that story yet be sure to check it out here, it’s one that will be dear to my heart forever.

Every new year we (husband and I) love to get together and tackle some things around the house. Kinda like a new year resolution for our home. If you’re new here, welcome; if you’re not, you know that we live in a loft and it’s our little love nest. It started it out with no kids and now we are here, five years later with three kids. With the same space and loving every square inch of it! We have maximized every area to its fullest to say the least.

Today I want to focus on a special corner that took some time and sweat. It wasn’t something that we originally planned but as we lived more and had more kids we realized that this was the space for the kids. It’s the perfect little cocoon for the girls to sit down and let their imagination run. Take a look around and tell me what you lost most about this play area because I can’t decide. I love it all!

From the girls photos on the wall, to a little reading nook, to a table for coloring and building. An area rug to sit on and a few toys that our girls enjoy. This space is just the perfect spot for our girls. This year I am determined to interchange and rotate the toys for the girls. We noticed that it was difficult for the girls to handle so many toys. Naturally they gravitate towards four to five favorites and at the end of the day the play area was a mess. So I took majority of the toys out, and decided to rotate every week or two. That way they can feel inspired and creative with their “new” toys.

This is how we maximize our small space to get the most use out of it. I hope this inspired you in some way to rearranging that small unused corner in your home and turn it into something beautiful!


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