Toddler Gifts

Starting the Christmas shopping on time! Are you a procrastinator or do you plan ahead? Either way I’ll make sure to share a gift guide for everyone on your list. This year I thought I would start the fun a little earlier because it’s 2020 and we need more joy! I selected a few toddler items that are great to…

Workin’ on my fitness

I was so excited to partner with Fabletics and not for any other reason than it actually making me want to go back to the gym. To be completely honest with you, I have not really had a good solid workout in 3 years! Say what?! I know! It’s so crazy now that I think about it, but obviously having…

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Meet Kristina

Hi darling & welcome! I'm a sucker for ice cream, a winged liner and a good chick flick. I'm so glad you're here, I really hope that you find some inspiration through my blog.

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Welcoming our second baby girl

I still remember visiting my doctor for a regular checkup, and she begins to explain the situation in which the hospitals were heading in. She begins by telling me that I may have to deliver without my husband (or anyone to be exact.) Can you imagine hearing those words coming out of the doctor’s mouth? One thing was certain, I…

Stripes are always in…

So excited the 3-day weekend has arrived! There’s just something about Friday that automatically put me in a great mood! Are you just like me too? Another thing I’m happy about is that we’re officially entering the fall season soon. It is still in the high 90s here in Houston but the thought of a new season excites me! I…

See me run in my See Kai Run!

Where are my fellow mama’s at?? If you’re anything like me, I’ll go on the hunt for the cutest, spunky, most comfortable kid shoes. Luckily I came across See Kai Run when Sofia wasn’t even 1! Ok so first thing is first, I absolutely love See Kai Run kids shoes. Sofia has literally been a fan all her life (she’s…

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Let’s get pumped!

Hi friends! If only pumping was this glamorous ha! Today I’m sharing my breast pump with you, she is my savior in the middle of the night when I have an excess amount of milk. Whether you’re an expecting mother, currently searching for a breast pump, or you’re just reading for fun, I’m sharing my thoughts on the SpeCtra S2…

Sophisticated and elegant with Tom Ford

Let’s talk perfume, or as Tom Ford says “perfum” because picking the right scent is what perfume is all about. It describes your personality and mood with just one spray, how cool is that? Now the question is, how exactly do you want to be remembered as you walk by? Maybe some florals? A little more on the musk? Possibly…

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See ya later wedges, hello sneakers!

I’m not really getting rid of my wedges y’all calm down…. just for now though. Normally I switch my closet from summer to winter and vice versa since we live in a condo (that means we don’t have all the closet space.) So now that we’re heading into fall, that’s usually what I mean. Time to put those puppies away…

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No more sleepless nights!

I remember the very first time we came home from the hospital with Sofia and all the help that we had at the hospital was gone (well…it was gone for me). Now, it was totally up to me to look after, and nurture this tiny little human. wow. so scary! Scary because I was a first time mother without knowing…

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