Gifts for the furry friends!

Before I had my baby, Chloe our miniature schnauzer was our only baby! So we would spoil her rotten, now she shares the love with Sofia. But if you’re gifting for a furry friend, or a friend who has a furry friend, this might be for you!

1. Natural pet cat collection | this adorable little gift set is for the cat lovers. It comes with a variety of cat toys in a gift box ready to give.

2. Plaid dog collar | dog collars can also be super festive like this plaid one! It also comes in a red and other colors. But I thought this plod was really fun, especially with the gold hardware.

3. Reversible puffer vest | keeping it super chic in this reversible puffer vest. I love puffer vests myself so why not make my pet wear one too?!

4. Old St. Nick Cat bowl | cats can also be festive with a cute Santa bowl! It’s hand painted made in Italy, so it’s very thoughtful!

5. Pet fountain | this pet fountain is perfect for cats who love running water, or for any pet who likes the sound of fresh water. It has a filter to clean the water too. 5.

6. Pet carrier | carriers can be super chic and look good while they’re in there. This one comes in two other colors too. Perfect for the pets that always go out with mom/dad.

7. Gingerbread toy| this gingerbread dog toy was too stinking cute not to add to this gift guide. It’s so festive and fun to add to their stocking.

8. Cat grass | this is a grass growing kit for the cats who love grass! It comes with an adorable little cat mug.

9. 6-in-1 dog grooming kit | this adorable little grooming kit comes with 6 items to groom a dog. It also comes with a super cute storage bag.

10. Tartan pet bandana | this cotton bandana is so festive and perfect for your furry friend. It comes in small and large size, and it is easily adjustable for a comfortable fit.

11. Dog charm | Santa’s little yelper 🙊 so stinking cute! I didn’t even know dog charms were a thing but I would love one for Chloe.

12. Portable water bowl | perfect for traveling or to take to the park, Chloe has one and it comes very handy.

13. Stocking dog toy set | I love switching dog toys for every season, especially if Chloe chews the stuffing out of it.

14. Cat scratching post | cats loves these, and you will love these because they will never scratch your couch!

Happy shopping ❤️


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