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It only took about a year and a half to get these pictures up on our wall. Hey, no judging ok. I mean no one was really waiting, well except for my hubby. He kinda always asked, when was I going to choose the photos, and actually have them printed but I just kept holding off. I had my reasons though. First, I really wanted to have the right photos printed. I didn’t want to print and try and print try and then print to try again. Not only is it a waste of money, but I only need to have six photos. Second, I was pregnant when I bought these frames so I was holding off to print images of all of us. If not, that meant I was going to have missing photos and I was not about to do that, uh thanks but no thanks. Third, after we put them up the first time they weren’t aligned and they were portrait style (I had more landscape images than portrait) so we rotated them and corrected the alignment. So here we are today with our frames finally up and aligned! Ahh I am so ecstatic! I feel like I have a brand new home.

Things you’ll need.

To start off you’ll need the following:

How I aligned my frames.

To get started we (hubby and I worked together, ok mainly hubby worked I helped) measured the buffet and found the center. Then we added the 3M velcro strips on the top corners and the bottom center of all frames. Then we placed the frame in the bottom middle to serve as a guide for the rest of the frames. Next, we drew the corners with a pencil before we added the velcro strips to the wall. This helped out to give us a visual of the frames on the wall.

Placing the first frame in the center was the easiest and the velcro strips worked better than we expected. We ended up choosing the strips because when we had nails before, we had noticed the frames slightly shifting over time. We blame it on the construction in our building. So we were trying to find something that help the frames be secure, and we found these Velcro strips. Then we moved to the right side of first frame and began to space it out. Once we spaced out the gap (the gap size is totally optional, or you can use blue tape to space it out) we chose to go with 3cm between each frame. Using our leveler we measured the side and top of the frame. Then we just pressed it in place and moved to the top frame to do it all over again.

Once we moved up we began by aligning it with the bottom frame. We measured to ensure the gap was 3cm throughout and also kept using our leveler on the outside of both frames and the top of the frame. Then we just repeated the same steps to all of the frames until they were all aligned and centered with one another. To finish off, we gently cut off any excess 3M Velcro strip that showed, and wiped the frames. Followed by some decor to complete the look. What do you think?

I hope this helps and serves as a guide. I know I was having the most trouble aligning these frames and securing them on the wall without causing any damage to our paint.


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